Commitment to Health and Safety

RME is committed to the protection and wellness of its employees, customers, physical assets, and the environment. We firmly believe safety is everyone’s collective responsibility and take great lengths to provide our employees with a safe workplace through proper training and education.

There is nothing more important to RME than preventing unnecessary pain and suffering caused by workplace injuries. Our focus is simple–to achieve zero workplace incidents through efficient and safe work processes by using the following model.

Stop, Think, and Act.

  • Stop – Ask yourself what could go wrong with the task. Identify hazards that have potential to cause injury to yourself or others.
  • Think – Ask yourself if you have been trained and are capable of performing the task. If you are not, then don’t do it.
  • Act – Make it Safe. Use the right tools. Ask your manager to review the procedure with you. And finally, reduce the risk.

As a dependable partner to our customers and employees, RME’s Health and Safety program is practical and approachable, which makes sense to our workers and gives them the piece of mind that they will go home the same way they arrived.