Precision Farming: Make Every Acre Count

From the first scythe to the latest satellite-guided breakthrough, the most important part of agricultural technology has always been the way you use it. RME’s precision farming optimization allows you to squeeze more profitability out of every acre and maximize your understanding of your operation. Our precision specialists are here to fine-tune your software and boost your equipment’s capabilities for the best results.


Ag Optimization Specialists

EZ-Pilot Pro Bundle with XCN-1050 Display & Nav 900 Kit
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Trimble 250 EZ Bundle Package
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AFS Connect
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Support packages

Farm every acre more efficiently with RME, your partner in ag technology.



$699.99 per farm per unit.

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$1599.99 per farm up to 3 units.

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$2599.99 per farm up to 5 units.

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Events & Clinics

Wanting to get some more hands-on assistance or just get to know your local Ag Specialists? Check out our Training Clinics calendar for all the latest and upcoming events. We are here to be your dependable partner and biggest supporter of our farming operations.

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Spring Training Clinics

Seeding 2021 will be announced at a future date! Knowing your equipment and how to properly utilize its features is key to a productive seeding season. Our clinics not only with our Ag Optimization Specialists but done through the trusted partnerships with the brand themselves.

Summer Training Clinics

Combine technology and the latest updates on how to keep that harvest operation steady, efficient and on the right track for optimization. Harvest 2021 clinics dates will be posted at a future date and early registration will be available.

Precision Offerings

Check out our extensive selection of parts, software solutions and technology all hand-selected for your machines compatibility and genuinely manufactured from our trusted partners.