Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade, giving farmers the ability to control the entire crop production cycle. Case IH AFS™ tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy down to 2.5cm, reduce overlaps and cut input costs — and maximize your yield potential.

​​​New Holland offers a full range of guidance solutions that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. With a full range of correction signals, New Holland’s modular solution can be used on any machine. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces mean you can use guidance with confidence. PLM® software analyses and plans your in-field tasks so you can enjoy the benefits of more efficient farming. You’ll be reducing inputs, saving you money, as well as benefiting the environment. Reduced inputs mean reduced energy-intensive manufacturing and also less wastage and run off. More efficient coverage of your land boosts your profits and gives Mother Nature a helping hand.​