Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) is committed to providing our customers with the service and support necessary to maximize the use of their equipment and keep our customers on the leading edge of optimization technology. To do so RME is offering our RME Support Package Agreement. This agreement is designed to assist our customers to fully capitalize on the value of their equipment and technology purchases. The RME Support Package Agreement extends for a period of one growing season from date of purchase.

Note: Service calls requiring technician repair are not included in the RME Support Package and will be charged at current shop rates. Installation fees/transfer fees on technology components will also be charged at current shop rates

*Note: Incomplete or corrupt data may result in the inability to provide printed data maps. Please consult your AOS representative for more information on how to prevent data corruption.

Silver Support Package – $699.99 per unit:

● Loaner AFS/PLM displays and/or receivers

● 1 on farm session per machine(3 machines), per year (non-peak season) to fully optimize their AFS/PLM investment (i.e. auto guidance, section control, variable rate application, yield monitor, set-up and optimization) and analyze and discuss machine usage and farming operation, and determine opportunity for improving efficiency and overall productivity of the customer’s operation/equipment

· Printed yield maps provided. Package must be purchased on combines *See above*

● Priority AOS specialist support

Note: Loaner technology only available on current production models

***Some exceptions may apply***

If you choose not to select an RME Support Package Agreement, we offer our opt-out services at the following prices: AOS on Farm Service calls (non warranty)

· Branch service local shop rate/hr including travel (Min. 1 hour)

· Diagnosing component/hardware issues for displays, receivers, data cards, guidance, documentation, section control, variable rate application diagnostics, mapping exc.

Technology Loaners

· Dependent on technology and charged at a rate of $50/ day

Note: Loaner technology only available on current production models

***Some exceptions may apply****

On Farm Optimization Visit – $500 (off peak season)

· AOS Specialist will visit the customer and observe them in the field to help provide recommendations to utilize their technology investment to its fullest potential

▪ Learn how to use additional advanced features you may not be using like flags, boundaries, notes, mapping, mapping exc.

▪ Common items to enhance include homepage layouts, background map settings, and documentation settings

▪ Tips to improve performance and ease of use

▪ How to view/analyze data in the field with the display exc.

Component Software Upgrades (in store) – $150

· Single display and receiver (each additional display and receiver – $50 per component)

Desktop Software (on farm) – $110 trip charge, setup and input data $120.00 per hour (min 4 hours)

· In-put setup information including:

▪ Save information to a card/create profiles

▪ Import file boundaries and aerial photos (must have boundaries of fields)

▪ Input prescription maps – no recommendations on rate will be provided

▪ Mapping-yield and as applied

▪ Unload data – post data

*Does not include corruption of data, drivers, software, and alterations to the customer PC OS

On Farm Training Session – shop rate per hour (min 2 hours)

· 2 customized off peak training sessions for owners/operators. Each session is limited to six hours and can be tailored to the specific needs of the farming operation

Phone support from AOS Specialist – $500 annually

RME RTK network correction service package – where available

· $1500 for first and $1500 for second unit

· $500 for every additional unit

Additional Service Information

All hardware-related issues will be serviced by the service department; repairs will be charged at an hourly rate by the service department and may be subject to a trip and/or mileage charges. Examples of hardware-related issues include, but are not limited to; broken wiring harness, failed sensors (moisture, mass flow, flow meter, steering sensor, etc.), other charges may apply.

Renewal Process

The RME Support Package Agreement will be renewed and invoiced at the request of the customer on the anniversary of the date listed below. RME staff will contact you prior to your renewal date to request the RME Support Package Agreement be amended.